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A Little Forida Rainy Day Turkey Action

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I shot him on thursday after 2 1/2 hours of sitting in the pouring rain. Thank god for frog toggs & the good ole Remington 11/87 Super Mag.

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Andy, I'll do ya one better and for the looks of your picture, We shot ours in the same area as yours......

Both were 30+ibs. Mine (the one on the right) was 11 1/2 in beard and Dans was just under that but alot thicker with alot more hair. His also has 1 1/4 in spers were mine were only 1 in. the fan looks awesome on the wall :thumbsup:

What is the details on yours?
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Winston, if you ever kill a bird that wieghts more than 30 Ibs, I'll give you my truck. Yes combined weight. A 30 pound turkey, I would loose control of my sfinkter....Sorry Matt, I dont know turkeys very well but based on birds that I have shot in the past, they look like eastern's. Andy dude.................WOW. I want to laugh but that happended to me at Merritt Island last year so I know how it feels brother.
I have looked all over to see what we shot. I cant tell. We shot our birds in north florida so I have no idea? Inputs would be nice.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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