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a wader question

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hi hows it goin everyone. i'm in the search for a new pair of hip boots. i live in louisiana so i don't want to get the big 5mm neoprenes just cause that would be too hot. but i was wondering how good the herters 3 ply canvas ones are. i've also heard lots of good things about cabelas stuff, but again the neo, so second question if i would get something in the 3mm range how hot would they get. thanks for any input.
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First off lemme :welcome: you to DHC!

You are being respoded to by the coolest guy on the forum :laughing:

But as far as the waders are concerned, the only thing I know 'bout em is that it is a trade off, cuz the thicker ones are gunna be hotter, but they also should be stronger. Just something to think 'bout.

Good Luck,
My son wears them, they work good for him in Ca. marshes. He liked them better the 2nd year after they broke in a little. I use a 3 ply canvas as well. just not herters. I think mine are Mad Dogs.
Got the wife and I a pair of some cheapo Redhead rubber hip boots at Bass Pro Shops for $20 on sale. Used em trout fishing, and, feel I got my moneys worth already. :thumbsup: Y'all have a nice day! :cool:
thanks for the help its really appreciated, but i think i'm just gonna stick to the tried and true lacrosse hipers. so thanks again. good luck on the upcoming season.
if youre lookin for cool waders...... as in not hot ...........go with the cabelas dry-plus waders........ i live in central minnesota and early season i have the cabelas dry-plus waders..... i swear man it's like wearing windpants in the water.... nothing better...

late season when im breakin ice with the pooch i throw on the 5 mils and then again theyre warmer... but in your case i would for sure go with the dry plus waders from cabelas..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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