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You spoke & the legislature listened

Guns owners and CA hunter’s can rest a little easier today, Assembly Bill 1227- which would have added more costs to gun ownership - officially failed late Wednesday night. Due to record breaking Voter Voice participation and California Waterfowl's own advocacy efforts this bad bill will not become law. If you have not yet signed up to participate on our Voter Voice program please do so, it is very easy to use and takes almost no time at all. Click the "Voter Voice" link to get started.

This was The bill would have imposed an additional 11% excise tax on the sale of all shotguns, rifles, firearm precursor parts and ammunition, as well as a 10% tax on all handguns.
Revenues collected from that new tax would have funded programs that 'address the effects of the criminal use of firearms', and would do nothing to support wildlife conservation efforts.
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