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Addison's Disease

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Have any of you heard of this disease?

This morning a good friends wife called me to come over and help her load up "DUKE" in her car. Duke is their 2yr. old lab. My pup and him are almost the exact same age and they are best friends. Her husband travels a lot and he wasn't home today and she can't lift him.

She woke up this morning and he was laying in his own vomit. I came over and he was lying on the floor. She told me that his back legs were shaking and that he couldn't stand up. So i put one hand through his collar and started to rub on his back legs, to see if he had hurt him self somewhere. I held his collar so that if i found the sore spot he wouldn't be able to bite me. He didn't react to me squeezing his legs. So i tried to help him stand so that i could get my arms under him to pick him up. he just kept collapsing, his back legs had no strength at all. So i picked him up and loaded him in the car for her and she took him to the vet.

About half and hour ago she called and the vet says that there is a couple of possibilities. One of them was that they found bacteria in his stool sample. The bacteria is the kind from something like a dead rat or mouse. not usually found in dogs.

The second thing could be Addison's disease. I don't know a lot about it. I just googled it and a lot of scarry stuff came up. It is not fun. I just wanted to see if anyone has first hand knowledge of this disease. From what i have found, humans can get it also. From my brief research, i think that is something to do with the adreno glands. also a salt deficiancy. I will be researching this more.

It sounds like this disease is misdiagnosed quite often.
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sounds alot like Parvo. My sisters' dog had it and it was aweful to watch that dog die, (even though it was a poodle).
pete, what did your sister's dog have? Parvo or addison's. i have seen dogs with parvo. but not addison's.
Sorry Ace. The dog had Parvo. Alot of the same symptoms.
man i always hate to hear about someone having a pet with problems. hopefully the dog will be ok. at first glance, this looks like something he might be able to survive. below is a website geared specifically towards this. best of luck...hth!
I just heard from them a little while ago. Duke is not getting any better. In fact he is just getting worse. The vets don't really know what he has. now they are thinking either addison's or gastro intestinitus(sp). I don't know what is going to happen. I don't think it is looking all that good.

It sucks a lot, he and my dog have played together since they were just 4 months old. My wife and i met Dukes owners at the dog park one day and not only has Duke and Ace become good buddies. My wife and i have become very good friends with Dukes owners. It is sad to see a dog and his family go through this.
I had a pup get parvo once, it was a terrible thing to go through. It was vommiting all the time could'nt walk very good, and just got skinnier by the hour. Took it to the vet, they kept it for a week, and got it better, but it was'nt another 10 day's the same symptom's were back. Had to put it to rest, kid's were crushed by it. I would'nt bless that upon anyone. Hope everything turns out alright.
Duke is slowly getting his energy back. doctors still don't have a clue what is wrong with him.
Im glad to hear hes getting better. :smile:

Keep us updated!!!!

good to hear..........this is similar but off topic rottie he couldnt walk and was laying in his filth one morning..........he couldnt stand, he couldnt do anything. so i washed him off , bot a blanket took him to the vet. they said he has an infection possible in the prostate or so.......well anyway antibiotics took care of it.......after about a week...........but now to make sure it doesnt come back he has to be fixed...........

next subject, the wife and i were talking (yes i know , but once in a while we do) anyway. we were talking about geting tanner my lab fixed. she doesnt want him to be fixed yet and i do, he is not the most perfect looking dog but he has a line of good blood. all registered.
so i ask..............what would make you fix your pup vs not fixing.........
brdprey, that's a different topic altogether. you may want to start another thread on it....

The fact that the vet doesn't know what is wrong with Duke makes me think it's not Addison's Disease. While that's not any fun to mess with, it is relatively easy to diagnose with blood and urine tests for cortisol following an ACTH stimulation test (don't worry about what that is). My point is, if the dog had Addison's, they would be able to test for it. An Addisonian crisis can be life-threatening, but fortunately, Addison's disease is quite treatable with oral hydrocortisone and increased salt intake (and another mineralocorticoid to replace aldosterone if needed). Keep us posted on how Duke is doing!
Shortly after they ran the initial tests they knew that he didn't have addison's disease. I just hadn't heard of it and wanted to see if anyone had experianced it.

Duke is just about 100% now and they don't now why.
Shortly after they ran the initial tests they knew that he didn't have addison's disease. I just hadn't heard of it and wanted to see if anyone had experianced it.

Duke is just about 100% now and they don't now why.
great news!!! :thumbsup:
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