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After market choke tubes

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What are your opinions on after market choke tubes, guys? They advertise better patterns for steel and heavy shot. Have any of used these choke tubes, what kind, and would you recommend them? If you still use your factory chokes, what do you normally use over the decoys? For example, what choke/how far of a shot? What load, etc.

I'm looking for any help I can get...I missed too dang many birds last year. I should probably just go practice a little more. :mrgreen:
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I have shot 1 1/4 oz loads for a long time through an factory imp.cyl choke tube browning invector plus. The old ones were a slow 1275fps. the load I have shot the last few years is 1425fps At the ranges I shoot (under 35 yards) It works real well but I have not shot at many birds beyond that 35yrd mark for a long time. I won a case of heavysteel last March and I have aquired a couple of paternmaster tubes the same way. This is an 1 1/8 oz load at 1550fps I patterned these through the factory tube and the patternmaster tubes they both performed well the patternmaster decoy choke was a little better in that load. I have not tested it with the heavier load I usually shoot because.... well... if it aint broke don't fix it.

If the birds are close enough I think the most important thing is that your pattern opens up. In close they die easy.
good luck that is my .02 cents.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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