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I love that new signature!!! :getdown:
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Ohhhhhhh K.........

Thats cool; Im glad to hear that....... But its been the same since I first came to the site :eek:


Or did you mean Avatar (the little pic by my name)?
Now I know why Stouff don't like girlzzz...

When he was a little boy, he was taking a bath with a little neighbor girl, well they were standing there comparing their bodies and he noticed she did not have a thing a ma jig and so he figured she broke hers off. Thus the signature is most appropriate for him. :laughing:
Hmmmm. Well H20..... I wont even bother w/ yer signature :laughing:

And I guess I have nothing else to say to all ya sity slikers..... :hammering:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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