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Hello everyone! Great site! Not sure how I got to it, but I'm sure glad I'm here now!

My name is Bill and I live in Lindenhurst, IL which is about 50 miles north of Chicago and about 5 minutes from the Wisconsin border. I also spend as much time up in the UP of Michigan at a little place the Mrs. and I bought last spring on Little Bay de Noc. Got out for the opener this past weekend. You can see my report under the Michigan Section.

I have just gotten back into duck hunting after a 10 year break to go to school, get married, have a kid and work! Now that the little on is bigger (5) and the wife has her house I get to do some of the things I like to do!

I shoot a Beretta 390 Silver Mallard that was a gift from my father. He is the one who introduced me to duck, goose, pheasant and quail...and how much fun they are to hunt and how good they are in the belly!

My hunting partner is a 1.5 year old Choc. Lab named Max. He is a work in progress!

If there are any other fellow Northern Illinois folks here who wouldn't mind a hunting partner now and then...please drop me a line! I really don't have any place to hunt...yet!

Take care and good luck this season to all!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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