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another question

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was having trouble starting motor (25 evinrude) couple weeks back. had to choke it down w/ gas wrag to start it and then it would run good. brought it to shop, compression was good, said gas line (primer bubble) was deteriorating. new gas line and said they flushed out the trash.

took it out, runs normal except when i accelerate full throttle, it starts to sputter a little bit. if i ease off a tad, it's fine, just when i go wide open.

the vent on gas can is open.

the connection that connects the gas line to my motor doesnt fit all the way tight (i wiggled it cuz i had that piece go bad before and gas was coming out and it was causing a similar problem but would sputter worse) but no gas was escaping.

is this a carb problem? gas or spark plug issue?
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jehler said:
usually a high end problem is caused by a lack of fuel getting to the carb, the bowl on the carb stays full enough to keep you going at slower speeds but there is not enough fuel flow to keep up at wide open. bad fuel lines, primers, fuel pump can cause this. with the cowling off and the motor not running hook up your fuel line and squeeze the bulb firmly, look for any leaks in the fuel system while you do this, especially at junctions in the line like the back side of the cowling fuel hookup, at both sides of the fuel pump etc.

bad seals in the crank cause a similiar problem, any oil/fuel leaking around the bottom of the cowl or under the flywheel?

take a flashlight and look into the tank, is there any debri that could be getting sucked up causing a blockage?
thanks, will try the above....the gas can is almost brand new. it seemed to me as if it werent getting enough fuel, but again, im not mechanically inclined.
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