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any birds around???

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how's everybody doing this season so far......

seeing any birds along the different regions of the state...
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The above was something not seen in the newspaper. I enjoyed the duck news cast from all over.

evansville duckhunter,

Is Mackey Bend covered at 14' on the Wabash and ? on the Ohio.


I may take my survey Sunday via the Poke Boat. Camera or Benelli ? The camera may be more worthwhile according to your exchanges.

There are 400 + or - Canadas as usual in the coal mine refuges. 100 ducks of a good varietyand one pie-billed grebe. All biding their time well below Oatsville Bottoms and the growing refuge that geese visit far less than mine property.

An 18 hole golf course in the vacinity of Snakey Point would make the spot more attractive for grass loving Canadas. Maybe someday they'll manage it to attract geese. :umm:

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surf ox,.........they were there as of last week. Saw few if any this evening. I'm a late arrival for my mine refuge survey because 919 goes 470 miles before I get it,....... lately.

The local gathering herd of Canadas only go 1/4 to 1 mile to harvested corn fiels next to the mine. Do you go out there to watch them. Oak Hill and head East.

I never see much hunter activity where you mention along 57's old channel for some reason. Maybe they know something we don't. Now that the woodies have left Dodge for Pine Bluff.


Last year Steve Ford had an article on tresspass on backwaters. My view is; Ownership and leases above land inundated with flooding has some, like me wondering, can water be dry land? Not hardly! The water is owned by the state and it's people if it moves via river or stream. Lakes qualify if on state property. A judge would rule in favor of the landowner no doubt. My thoughts? Go anyway and let God sort it all out.

They have tried this at Oatsville for the last four or five years. The blinds are steel in that area for good reason.

Poke Boater
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:salude: surf ox,

It's not to worry. Geese float in a current too! Coal tailings won't hurt them or us if we eat one that's been loafing there for months. They would not stay on tainted water. Drinking water with a little magnatite mixed in makes the feathers on their chests sprout hair. :laughing:

Waterfowl get a stigma about where they loaf sometimes. Waterfowl are seen on pig farm slurry pits too.

You never know where that last limit of ducks came from. :umm:

Mackey Bend is the end of the road,.....Point Township in Posey County. When the Ohio is 30 ' and the Wabash is at 10 ' it's 6-7' feet deep in the middle. The Poke Boat would be out of place there. Big water calls for big boats with an eye on the weather forecast.

Mackey Bend only gets in the news when hunters get in trouble. :help:
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