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Boudroux woke up one night yellin' and hollerin' about all the noise Clarence was making across the bayou. He told Cloteal that Clarence played his music too loud and his dogs barked too much. He said, "in the mornin' I'm gonna go cross da bayou an wup up on Clarence an show him whose boss!" So when morning broke Boudroux got out of bed and started down the road to the bridge. When he got to the bridge, he turned his old truck around and headed back home. Not ten minutes had passed and Boudroux was already home. Cloteal exclaimed, "Boudroux, ya musta showed him, you only been gone 10 minutes!" Boudroux said, "when I got to tha bridge an saw Clearance was 9 foot 6 inches, I figured a lil' music an a few pups ner hurt no budy!"
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