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well this is actually a true story and not a joke but around here almost everyone hunts deer or something so it is always a good ground breaker when you meet someone new.
i was in the local hardware store and this guy comes in to shop so i started talking to him and started off with the usual are you ready for the start of deer season and the guys face sorta starts lookin a little pale.
he says OH NO ! i dont hunt anymore cause im not getting shot by some idiot out there.
so i say what do you mean.
he says i used to hunt alot but one day i was out in the woods huntin deer before light and i seen a couple other lights out there so i kept walkin until i didnt see them anymore.
then as it started getting light it looked like a really good place so i decided to stay there for a while then he says about an hr after light i hadnt seen anything at all and bang , bang there are these 2 shots really close to me just over the hill a hundered yds or so away so i decided to walk on over after a few min to see if the guy might need help draggin one out.
so then he says i walked on over and there stands the guy so i said did you get one or what.
the guy tells him no you see that thick brush pile down over the hill about 150 yds away and the guy says oh yea.
well i seen somethin moving in there as soon as it got light and i watched it for a while but it didnt come out so i threw 2 shots into the pile but still nothing came out !
so anyway the guy says that was the last ime i was ever in the woods and i dont hunt anymore.
he said he sold his guns and threw away his clothes thats how scared he was by what the other guy had done.
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