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Hey Iam a teen ager from. I hunt ducks and geese in northen Kansas. We hunt on resivors and ponds. We have 50 flanbeau mallards, 12 pintail flanbeau, 24 mallard tuchdown inflatibles, 24 feather flex mallards, 12 green wing teal cary lites, 2 flyin mallard cary lites, a dozen canada goose floaters, 36 canada goose siloetes, 12 snow siloetes, and the one the works a wonder the mojo mallard. I love to see them ducks lock up into the deeks. We have fairly good luck. We shoot a few geese. Ducks we very good lucks, we shoot mallards mainly, teal, weigons, gadwals woodys, and sometimes a diver a two. Any way I was just going to say that most people don't think kansas as a good duck hunting place. I dis agrree. So lets just keep it our little secret. Happy Hunting!

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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