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Any young guys not know who Jane Fonda is?

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After watching the Berkeley stuff online and on TV I got curious to see if any young guys on here dont know who or what she is? I know its an issue that may get guys fired up but I would hate to see a generation forget. I will include the Snopes link so you can pick out the facts from BS. I got a little upset today and ranted because I saw an anti war protestor today with a poster that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." and "Thank God for IED's"
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Labs said:
the non combatants ought to get the heck out of the way so the damn enemy can't hide behind them....cowards....just like the terrorists...freaking cowards....

Ever consider that the non-combatants don't have a choice? Ever think that the little boy or girl with a bomb strapped to them didn't want to be there and would have rather been off playing super-heroes with their buddies or tea-party with their friends?

You correct the other gentlemen, insinuating ignorance on his part, but perhaps you should know the answers yourself before getting on someone else.

I have never liked Jane Fonda since I read about the note passing incident, and now I find out it was bogus. I fully agree that what she did was wrong and I also consider her to be a traitor to the U. S. of A. I'm not sure why people like her even live here. What she did was wrong and because of who she is she got away with it. I often wonder what Henry thought of her and her actions.

And yes, war is hell, yet that does not excuse atrocity. It does not excuse those who are sent to bring democracy from doing whatever the hell they want, to whomever the hell the want.

Our military men and woman are our in essence our highest form of law enforcement. They, like our police, should be held to the highest of standards. Patriots of this country tend to become quickly offended when any of those peoples actions are called into question, and yet without a system of checks and balances all you would have is a bunch of young men with guns, indiscriminately killed whatever moved, because they can.

Not all of those people in those foreign countries want to be a part of the conflicts that took place or are now taking place. Some of them are just average Joes, that could care less about the rest of the world and just want to raise their families and keep them safe from harm. Ever consider that? People who are part of the conflict come to their homes and make them a part of the conflict. Citing the example you used of children with bombs on them. You cannot honestly believe there were very many mothers (or fathers for that matter) out there strapping explosives to their children and thinking "This is the right thing to do." That was done by military men, willing to kill their enemy in any way, shape, or form.

Get out of the way? Yeah, they should have gotten out of the way. Suddenly having your village overrun by the military and men with guns telling you what to do I'm sure gave you lots of options for getting out of the way.

Support our troops. Pray that they all return home safely. But do not condone behavior that is criminal - from any war or conflict. They are there for a purpose and if they tarnish the honor that their station thrusts upon them, then they are no better than those they fight against.
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