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Any young guys not know who Jane Fonda is?

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After watching the Berkeley stuff online and on TV I got curious to see if any young guys on here dont know who or what she is? I know its an issue that may get guys fired up but I would hate to see a generation forget. I will include the Snopes link so you can pick out the facts from BS. I got a little upset today and ranted because I saw an anti war protestor today with a poster that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." and "Thank God for IED's"
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I'm 26, and I know all about Hanoi Jane....but I have to ask the question, why is this relevant for my generation? Why should we care?

Seriously, she was a stupid liberal actress who denounced her country. I'll give you the POW issue...that was total bullshyte. But her overall message against the war was right. I think universally historians (and most americans) agree that the Vietnam conflict was one that we should have never been involved in. We lost with guns...but ultimately won over time with money. Trade (i.e. "money") has always been are biggest advantage in conflicts like Vietnam.

She was right on American soldiers committing war crimes, see "My Lai" as an example. Don't get me wrong, if I was there I'd be marching around with an ear neckless too. I don't blame the soldiers one bit...but that doesn't mean she was wrong on that issue.

I guess I don't see your point. If nothing else, all your doing is giving credence to some stupid Hollywood bytch and trying to make people remember someone who shouldn't be remembered. Let it go.
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Labs said:
And don't even pretend that you know about war crimes...yeah, maybe they were committed, but after seeing your buddies get blown up by a kid with a bomb strapped to him, I think I would get a little pissed off too.
Excuse me? Did you even read what I said?
Matt Jones said:
Don't get me wrong, if I was there I'd be marching around with an ear neckless too. I don't blame the soldiers one bit...but that doesn't mean she was wrong on that issue.
Maybe the reference to wearing an ear neckless was over your I'll spell out what I meant for you.

I don't blame them one bit. If I was put in the same position as the soldiers in Vietnam I'd have been shooting women and children too if I saw my buddy blown up by a woman or kid with a bomb strapped to them. I think anyone who honestly can say there's no possibility of that happening to themselves is a liar. War is hell, no shyte...obviously I agree.

Maybe war crimes happened??? Of course they did, don't be naive. They happened for the same reasons you just talked about.
Tom Phillips* said:
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."George Santayana
What's this in reference to? Someone in hollywood speaking out against a war or our country going down the same path it did with Vietnam?
jrockncash said:
So in that context it is relevant. We need to remember the way the troops were treated when they came back and how that can never ever happen again. Misdirected activism can have consequences.
I agree 100%.

I wish I could have been there when idiots called returning soldiers "baby killers" or spit on them...because I would have punched those people in the face.

Thank god, people's attitude have changed for the better. Even those who don't agree with Iraq wouldn't criticize those who fought there.

Which asks the question, is this relevant? Do any of you think troops have been treated unfairly by the general populous apon their return? I ask this sincerely, because I haven't personally read about any cases of this. If there have been cases I'd like to be informed.

I think this speaks volumes during a time of a war that is vastly unpopular among Americans.
jrockncash said:
If you would like some more let me know and i will Post em up.
More of what? Another 6 minutes of people getting semi-heated on a street corner? Are you seriously trying to compare the links you posted to people spitting on troops and calling them baby killers?

You are REALLY reaching here.

Thank you for proving my point. Which is that people's attitudes have changed greatly since Nam. Even though Iraq is a HUGELY unpopular war, anti-war sentiments among people in the homeland remain very cordial. Even the people voicing their concerns the loudest have done so with a relative respect for the troops who are fighting there.

I'll be honest, I was expecting a Youtube clip of some ****** spitting on a troop getting off of a plane, or something to that extent. If all you have is a clip of some mother's wearing pink being filmed while they spout some nonsense, or a transcript of John Kerry being the douche bag he is and equating troops being terrorists via Limbaugh as your cannon-fodder....then you're just trying to get yourslef upset.

The same goes for Hanoi Jane. Why are you trying to make a generation remember someone who is totally irrelevant? All you're doing is giving her more credit than she deserves. Let her be forgotten.
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