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Any young guys not know who Jane Fonda is?

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After watching the Berkeley stuff online and on TV I got curious to see if any young guys on here dont know who or what she is? I know its an issue that may get guys fired up but I would hate to see a generation forget. I will include the Snopes link so you can pick out the facts from BS. I got a little upset today and ranted because I saw an anti war protestor today with a poster that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." and "Thank God for IED's"
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Amen guys! I am fortunate that all of my friends over there have not been injuted or shot, but I do share your sentiments.

Just last night over a couple cold ones, a friend and I were discussing this exact topic...the more we talked about Hanoi Jane the more pissed we each became. What I cannot believe that charges of treason weren't brought against the bit*# when she returned. I mean the Constitution provides freedom of speech which allows a person to say what they think or want without recourse. But the intent of these freedoms were not intended to permit speech that results in the immediate and drastic torture and killing of Americans.

Tom's reference to Santayana's quote is more prudent now than ever, and direcely relates to Matt's question. How soon the people of this country forget their history lessons showing what a country can do if everybody comes together behind a common goal. Remember WW1 or especially WW2? When faced with an imminent threat to our society we circled the wagons, cranked up our awesome industrial and technological might and kicked their asses. Well, the threat we now face is worse than what that of the german or Japaneese could ever bring.

Now that I've stepped off my soap box I'd just like to pass along my best wishes to our troops, both home and abroad. Good luck and Godspeed to all.
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Did you wipe your Hillary when you finished?
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