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Anybody see the Huckster today?

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He was rollin around with McCain. Then he was on Fox news. That guy is really down to earth except for the religion stuff but he is a very good public speaker. I watched him talking about hunting at a BASS tourny. I wish he would of been more moderate and he would of done better. He even quoted Teddy so you know I liked the speech. Peace Im out. :drinking:
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not that it matters but a buddy of mine is dating his daughter, actually went on campaign with the guy in Iowa and a couple of other states. Don't know him personally but alot of the stuff he stands for are alot of the things i believe although anyone with the religious views like that kind of i wouldn't say bother me but i don't agree with.
pennsyltucky said:
do his strong religious views really matter when it comes to being in office?
well separation of church and state, they shouldn't matter but do have an influence, it is whether we choose to realize it or not
wackemstackem said:
brassass said:
not that it matters but a buddy of mine is dating his daughter,

Is she hot...?
hell i don't know haven't seen her and haven't talked to him in a while just something i heard a while back
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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