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did anybody go out and get anything on the closer
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Did SEE more ducks. But only took 1 greenhead. The geese stayed put on the water all day on Saturday (at least until I had to get to work in the afternoon). Had one swim into the decoys with about 150 more within 60 yards, but didn't want to waste all them geese for 1. Now I wish we would have. :smile:

Took a chance today and hunted with some guys who had a pothole they saw geese on. We got there and it was frozen. :pissed: Kind of wasted the last day. Did find some more geese feeding, now we need permission.

Gonna hunt the water monday for geese and hope they come back in small groups after breakfast. Its supposed to be windy.

Tough year for the ducks. I wish we had 2 more weeks. Totals: 3 mallard drakes, 1 wood duck drake. Kind of dissapointing, but thats hunting sometimes.
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