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I have a dilemna....I want to increase time and quantity efficiencies by taking basswood carved heads and making molds. I want to do this because then I will have a variety of poses (ie,: sleeper, preener, dipper, resting, alert) which I cannot get if I purchase an aluminum mold ....say from R&R and BlackLab. My plan is to use 5lb 2-part urathane foam.

Has anyone ever built a mold? If so, please provide me a simple synopsis of the steps/tips involved for optimim results, is it an easy process for a beginner (I know we all have to start sometime but I will be on my own and not with a mentor), where did you get the materials etc!?

It seems to me this is a cost effective way to have variety in my set....because even if I was able to track down good aluminum molds of different head styles, they would be at least $50 per pose....certainly not cost effective....unless it would end up costing me that to build each mold myself.

Lastly....if any of you know of mold companies that make anything but the basic resting and alert poses.....please give me the links.

Thank you!!!


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I've become more than a little interested in the idea myself,so far I have checked out Smooth-on for mold making material.Silicone rubber from them sounds like a good thing to try.
Tonight I'm going to browse through thier info for technical stuff on molds.
They also have the urethane foam to use in molds.
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