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Have you looked into Honey Lake. Had a real good hunt two years ago there. Pay attention to when it freezes and then thaws. be there on the first day when it begins to thaw. The birds go to the middle of the lake and slow moving creeks but not much for them there so they come back as soon as possible. pretty amazing when that takes place. There is also a place called Lake Almanor look into it, it can be good by the causway. Lot of birds were up there before the opener. You also have modoc NWR good for geese late season on pitt river but you really have to pay attention to the number counts of Honkers there. There is always Klamath or Tule lake which are my favorites but it will take some homework to learn that place. pretty much have to have a boat for good marsh hunting on Tule lake.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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