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Anyone hunt N. Texas??

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Hey all. I'm looking for some hunting buddies......I'm in the military and most of my friends are from all walks of life, almost all have no interest in hunting. I always like to meet new folks and learn things, but if anyone hunts around lake arrowhead and is interested in getting on some birds let me know, I boat out to the back side in the flooded fields, stand in the trees/brush and have been getting limmits of mallards and wigeon, really, you can pick and choose your birds, but it's getting boring hunting solo.[/img]
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Not too crowded, maybe 2-3 set-ups leaving the ramp in the AM, the mouth of the river can get crowded I hear, cause thats where everyone says thats where they are going.....not me though. The extra water has been great, except for the fireants, but really though, everyones doin great out here. Gotta have a boat though, even a canoe would work as allot of places you can drive to and row out to your spot.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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