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First post ..42 yrs old and its been many yrs since I've hunted ducks due to the fact I've been coaching my sons club baseball team all over the US for 10 yrs. He's playing HS ball now so its time to do it again. Put in for ressie's with no success as of yet but decided to join WU. I have a half dozen guest passes that I'd gladly share to anyone who'd like to help me get back into it. i have pretty much everything gear wise w/ 3 dozen various decoys. My dog is 13 now and is to old to bring along but I have a beautiful 3 month old lab that will be ready next year. Should be like riding a bike, but who knows. I live in Ventura county but don't mind driving anywhere. Would probably prefer Colusa or San Juaquin counties but will go anywhere
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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