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But are there certain existing threads you would recommend I look for to search for an outfitted hunt or semi-DIY hunt in Canada? My 13 year old (I'm 42) and I just started duck hunting last year in Minnesota on our own. We bought a $200 boat and killed some ducks and had a blast. He'd been begging to try duck hunting for 2 years and I'd never really tried. I never thought my son would look forward to waking up at 5 am every Saturday. Anyway, my wife and daughter are going on a Dance team trip to Orlando next January (2018) and suggested we go on a hunting trip just my son and I Fall of 2018. I didn't think twice about choosing duck hunting over deer hunting and we thought about Canada as a serious option. We're not looking to spend a ton of money but also would rather pay for what you get versus trying to go cheap. We could DIY as well but I've done this deer and elk hunting before in other states in the U.S. and found its more productive to go with someone who knows what they are doing and then learn so you can think about DIY the next time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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