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australia duck problem

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Another part of Australia just lost the right to hunt ducks. The government banned it with apparently very little opposition. Just thought it was a good heads up for us to be united and an ACTIVE part of a conservation group or two on our wetlands!
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The part that disappoints me the most is that people have so little knowledge that they think this will help nature. When you take away the reward of wonderful days in the field, you also take away the incentive to buy land, improve habitat, etc. Without active hunters, the amount of habitat available will drop rapidly. This is what will happen in Queensland, but they are too foolish to know it.

Speaking for myself as a microcosm of the greater habitat struggle, I purchased a small, but productive piece of ground primarily for hunting ducks at a price of $55K. We plant food crops on it for the ducks, but the deer, turkey and other creatures benefit equally. It is not farmed. It is purely a habitat. As a matter of fact, as the duck lake got shallower in mid summer, it looked like a great blue heron, egret and bald eagle convention as they took advantage of easy pickings.

If we didn't have duck hunting, would I have spent this money for this habitat? Heck no.

Hunters = Habitat = Nature. It is a strange relationship, but it works.
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