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Band Recovery and Harvest Distribution of Ducks Reared at the Rancho Esquon Egg Salvage Facility, Durham, CA

Summary - Rancho Esquon's egg salvage facility will, in time, save tens of thousands of ducks that would otherwise simply be a lost resource. Besides the obvious benefits derived from rescuing a clutch of mallard eggs from oncoming tractors, perhaps the greatest positive impact Rancho Esquon's (and all other facilities in California) egg salvage program will have is on improving mallard production through it's development into a gateway to a Private Lands Stewardship program.

For instance, increased awareness in the farming community may stimulate landowners to incorporate crop rotation that includes safe nesting crops such as winter wheat or cover crops like vetch that provide much needed nitrogen for plant growth. Or it may encourage the restoration of less productive land to managed uplands and spring/summer wetland habitat.

Egg salvage duckling releases can also be used as an incentive to landowners willing to provide brood rearing and nesting cover to increase local flocks. The value of using egg salvage as a forum for education cannot be overstated, and with Rancho Esquon's assistance, we see great promise in this regard to promote private lands stewardship throughout California.
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