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:idea: 1 thing not mentioned is muzzle blast. They are MUCH louder witha 24" or shorter barrel :shock: Deafening actually. I was in a pit blind 1.5 years ago--the guy in the pit over from me hada 24" with 3.5" HV goose loads---I hit the bottom on the blind it hurt so bad... :evil: Your buddies will absolutely hate you and if you fire a shot into the wind-you will understand why.

Conversely the longer the barrel the quieter they are. There is a guy up here making 50" barrels for hunting close to homesin the suburbs--hardly any report at all.

For waterfowling the 26-32" barrels are best IMHO, with the longer barrels excelling at long shots for crossing or pass shooting.

:idea: As for your missing, how much do you practice with sporrting clays and duck tower? Look at pro baseball players--they practice every single day before the game...and many guys wonder why they do not shot well :roll: If you can not hit clay targets consistantly-you sure as heck will not hit fowl any better....
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