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Duck hunters, Tired of cold hands? the solution is battery heated gloves! Powered by just one "D" cell battery per glove lasting 5-6 hours of continous heat! The Lectra Gloves were originally developed at the request of an offshore oil platform crew whose extreme working environment caused prolonged exposure to the harsh bite of winter. An electrical engineer, a fabric specialist, and an extreme weather authority combined their expertise to develop an extraordinarily warm and waterproof glove that also has the added benefits of the LECTRA battery heated system."
The material used to construct the gloves is Thermolite® ACTIVE from DUPONT®. The special thermal bonded fibers provide a high level of warmth at minimal weight. These gloves are extremely soft, flexible and durable. The palms of the gloves have a textured coating for good gripping. There is also a velcro strap located on the inside of the wrist for making the gloves snug. The battery pouch is on the outside of the wrist inside of another pouch which can be used to store keys, etc.
The heating element is located safely in a channel located in the upper palm area. Invisible to the wearer, the heating element is designed to warm the hand cavity and radiate out the fingers.
The Lectra Gloves are designed to keep hands warm, but not hot. When you feel the cold, engage the heat by turning the gloves on. Turn the gloves off when your hands are warm enough for your comfort. Don't allow your hands to become overheated!
To turn your gloves on, insert the battery into the battery pouch with the positive terminal up. When you snap the pouch closed, the gloves will start to heat up.
To stop the heat, simply unsnap the pouch that contains the battery.

The Lectra Gloves are extremely safe. Low amperage eliminates all possibility of shock or burn, even when wet.
The Lectra Gloves should be Dry Cleaned Only, DO NOT WASH!

Use only "D" cell Alkaline or rechargeable batteries. New "D" cell Alkaline batteries will last 5-6 hours. Fully charged "D" cell rechargeable batteries will last 2-3 hours.
As you can see from the picture, these hunting gloves are designed with the rifle shooter in mind. Both the left and right trigger finger is made especially so it will fit into the trigger area comfortably. Available in x-lg lg med for $59.95 shipping included. Contact lenny friedel @ [email protected] with sizes and quanities
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