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Bean town Harbor 2

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well we were at it again today, bright and early we headed out into the darkness of boston harbor. this time i was toteing my new remmington 870 super magnum. we headed a ways out and tucked up tight between 2 jetties and set the longlines out. 30 minutes into the hunt we had 5 brant come cruising in low with the landing gear down , we managed to take 4 out of the 5. dakota made some great retrieves in the fridgid waters. no sooner do i get 1 more shell in the gun a hen eider comes cruising in and down she went! we had a few more flights come in and we knocked down a few more eiders, lost 2 out of the 3 to them diving and never to be seen again. we mingled up inside for a bit and managed 1 more brant and a black duck. not a very active day bird wise but the ones that came into the dekes, well we made those shots count! i am officially a sea duck addict and may need counseling :lol3: nah maybe just a boat!


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Very Nice, Congrats to all :thumbsup:

Just a friendly recommendation though, Unless you want to become a Frustrated SeaDuck Addict real quick I would be careful when posting pictures with backgrounds. Too many non-posting cyber scouters on here just looking for Ice free ramps and birds. Unless you like hunting with a flotilla of boats all over the Hahbah pushing the birds out to the Brewster's.

Mike :beer:
That red thing in picture #4 is known by everyone that has been in the Hahbah :biggrin:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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