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I’m new to this forum, excited to be a part.
I’ve recently came across an article about some Belgian singles and doubles referred to as the poachers companion, also sometimes called a garden gun or a rook gun.
From what I’ve read, they were mass produced in Europe, mainly in Belgium in the 1930s and most only bear proof marks and no maker’s name.
They are small framed and light and fold in half. They have exposed hammers and a lever on the right side that opens up the breech.
Does anyone have experience with one of these ?
Do they shoot modern cartridges?
How common or uncommon are these in this country?
I’d like to get my hands on one and shoot a few ground squirrels tearing up my property. I’d also like to get into hunting waterfowl and hang it over the mantle when not in use.
Does anyone out there know where I might come across our?
I’ll try to post a few pictures if I can figure it out, kinda technically challenged.
Thank you for your help, Tom
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