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Start off with 3's or 4's with an improved cylinder. Odds are you should get a pretty good pattern with one of these shot sizes. If not try 2's next. Shoot a pattern at 20,30, and 40 yards. You will probally be fine with any of them under 35-40 yards. Look for a pattern without holes in it. Don't just go for the tightest pattern.

Also, I know some people don't like them,but, you cannot find a better deal than the new Winchester High Velocity X-pert loads. You can get 3" loads with 1 1/4 of shot at 1400fps or 1 3/8 of shot at 1550fps in 3 1/2" for a very good price (Cabelas and Macks). My group has gone to them almost exclusively. They are not a great 55-60 yard load, but, then no steel shot is. And, I dare say I would hate to be a duck that comes within shooting range in front of our decoys.
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