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Years ago, long before the Extrema this and A-400 that, was the Beretta A302 and A303. My Weatherby SA-08 is based on their operating gas-actions. A buddy still shoots his A302 3 inch twelve every season. Mobil chokes I believe. It's a classic walnut and blued steel shooter of course. Very solid guns that no one seems to carry.
Then there was a Beretta semi-auto shotgun model that I can't say I've ever heard mention of on these boards... and I almost bought one. The Beretta Pintail ES100. My understanding is it has more in common with the Benelli inertia-action than any gas-model in Beretta's manufacturing history. Anyway, at the time I wasn't quite so fond of the Beretta 'hump' and favored a 12 gauge Benelli M1-Super90.
Anyone have a Beretta 302/303 or ES100 Pintail in their gun safes?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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