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Best call maker

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I'm looking for a new goose call, but i want to stay away from the mass produced calls like the foiles, zink, etc calls. What are there for the small shop call makers out there? I want a really good goose call, but i want it from a custom shop, or a smaller call maker. All help is greatly appreciated.
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I hate to tell you but there is no "BEST" out there....we all have our opinions and know what feels best to each of us as an individual. There is tons of talent out there and I have had the pleasure of dealing with a lot of them. I will agree with the statement above Mark at Gander Valley sure does a great job tuning to your request as well as producing a fine call. I think his customer service goes way above and beyond...he spent hours with me on the phone to assure i got what I wanted. I cannot count the emails he was truly a class act. I have all of his calls and they hang proudly around my neck.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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