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Best call maker

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I'm looking for a new goose call, but i want to stay away from the mass produced calls like the foiles, zink, etc calls. What are there for the small shop call makers out there? I want a really good goose call, but i want it from a custom shop, or a smaller call maker. All help is greatly appreciated.
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John Taylor.
I've got to agree with Randy 120% on Mark's CS - he is a class act, and will go the distance as far as making sure you're happy with his calls. I've got his lathe tunring as we speak, and can't wait to try out his work - if the calls sound as good in person as they did over the phone then I'll be more than satisfied.

John is also tough to beat as far as CS goes - great guy, very helpful and cares about the customer's satisfaction.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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