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Best Mobile Blind?

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Kind of a beat to death topic but what is the best MOBILE blind? I want something that is easy to pack in and out of a hunting spot and provides the most comfort of a full blind.

Ive narrowed it down to 3 that I know of.

#1 GHG Groundforce(year model still undecided)
Alot of buzz on here got me looking at the groundforce. The guy at Sportsmans Warehouse told me the backpack straps are kind of flimsy and he has torn his out a little. I like the quick snap together poles. I wish they had some in Max4 but MODB is good too. Also I dont know if the 2007/2008 is worth getting over a 2006.

#2 FA S.U.B. (I have a new one I got yesterday for $100 in Max4)
I set this blind up in my garage and it seems sturdy and light. I dont like that it doesnt have a backpack carry system and it only folds roughly 1/3 its size. The pins are also ok but Ive found them to be kind of tough.

#3 FA X'Land'R (I passed one up for $150 the other day :mad: )
Like the idiot I am I passed up a X'land'r at Sportsmans in MODB for $150 and instead got a Eliminator Proguide Xl not understanding that it was a fixed blind. I was able to lay in one at the store and it felt good although the doors are sort of flimsy. The backpack straps seem well made compared to the groundforce.

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I pick up a S.U.B. the doors are nice and its not bad to lay in it has lots of room and its low.
folding it back up was a pain.
I pay $125 for it so it will do.
My SUB has backpack strap on it.
on the bottom of it and i can feel them when i sit in it.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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