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Best place to hold the DHC get together

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Best place to hold a DHC outing?
Not Minnesota419.05%
The South733.33%
The North838.10%
The Bahama's29.52%
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OK guys...lets narrow this down some.
The left coasters can make it to the Bahamas.
Good one hunting wife.
Until we get this figured out...I just wanted to have some fun...You left coasters are welcome to show just have to ride the "eco-bus" (runs off farts or something) over here. Stouff...pack your dogsled.
Stouff...they have nude beaches.....bad idea....sorry guys...he just packed his bags... :getdown:
I posted it...I will take all the blame for this. (sigh)
The south is winning...(Dear Lord in Heaven, please keep me from saying anything that might make some people mad) yeehaw... it worked!

Nice. :salude:
Green, it was a joke. I will not speak for Hunting wife...she can do that all by herself, and I am sure she will.

But, dude you need to relax. There is no reason to get all offended about nothing. I'm not sure your choice words will be taken very well. Your approach was less than tactful, and it was down a down right personal attack about a general statement made in jest. We poke fun at each other all the time in here, that is how it goes.

You say you do all this stuff about how you help wildlife, I am sure you do. But after your claims of the "ignorant statement," you go and make one of your own. You have no idea what she, her husband or the rest of us for that matter do to help hunting habitat. You feel slighted about the stereotypes made of the West coast, and at the same time you use the term "swamp rat hillbillies." So I am kind of scratching my head on this one. Even before that, you mention "movie ads" "comics" and "yard sales." So, with this, should I infer that is your idea of east coasters? So, I am not sure how that makes you any better than anybody else in here. Me...I don't care where anybody is from, and if they are a hillbilly swamp rat that likes to joke around, I'm hanging with them. If that makes me one to, so be it.
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Shut up hillbilly swamp rat...but that was funny. (about, not me) :getdown:
Green...she let you off easy. You might want to un-knot your shorts and say sorry. I am just trying to make peace around here...You might want to do that before everybody else on this site gets wind of this... I'm just telling you dude.
...And the sun rose above the clouds, rainbows and butterflys filled the sky. Birds were singing a lovely tune, the sweet smell of the passing storm was in the air, and the doves of peace...flew right into our range and we blasted the ever loving crap outta them...

I think the Bahamas was a great idea, ( gonna happen though)
The fishing is good (ooh I gotta post that pic). The people are nice...but the beer ain't cheap. And I never saw one duck when I was there...
So, at my own fault...we would better off keeping this in the USA.
Hey swamp hippy...what guns do you wanna sell? or will you just melt them down at your next peace rally? :mrgreen:
Bhwahahahahahahahaha...this is too good swamp. :thumbsup: All I can think about now is the South Park episode when they let all the hippys into town. Bedtime.
Sorry S-T-O-U-F-F...I was too busy taking deep breaths and counting down from ten a few times to get a hold of you. Next time...I promise.
Fraz, you have the right idea. But if you slice it up that many ways you will have about four people at each outing. how about East coast, heartland, west coast. And everybody would get an invite to all three areas. If you can make it cool. If not maybe next year. Maybe we can work off of this. I have a few Ideas...I will think about this while I am bored at this graduation thing I have to go to now.
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