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Best place to hold the DHC get together

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Best place to hold a DHC outing?
Not Minnesota419.05%
The South733.33%
The North838.10%
The Bahama's29.52%
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Yeah, but their feelings clearly don't count...

Besides, everyone knows that people from out west are all liberal tree-hugging hippies!

:umm: :laughing:
Thanks Snafu (see, I spell your name right). You pretty much said it all for me. I just never realized that people from out West were also lacking in a well-formed sense of humor... although that would explain a lot of the sitcoms coming out of Hollywood right now!

Just remember, you actually don't know anything about me, which makes me a stranger. And I am sure you wouldn't walk down the street picking fights and making insulting personal comments to strangers (I don't know, maybe you do). But we're all pretty friendly around here, and even the heated discussions tend to be much more polite than you were just now. Take a breath, because I am sure all that fussing's not good for your blood pressure.

Just relax Green, it's all in good fun (unless you're not fun of course...) :mrgreen:

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AlaskaRedneK said:

That silly bahamas option might have messed this pole up.......just a lil. (You know just as well as I do your wife isnt gunna let you go to the Bahamas to hang w/ your "hunting buddies" :toofunny:

I can see that going 'bout as far as your idea of buying another boat :hammering:

Those darn women, always shooting down our plans! :thumbsup:

Getting back to the actual topic at hand...

Stouff, as a wife and a woman (both at once, who'd have thought?) I have to strongly disagree with your comment. If anything, having a DHC get-together in the Bahamas would make your wives MORE amenable to the idea. After all, you could bring them with you! Think about the spin you could put on it: "Honey [insert something good she's done here or some other flattering comment]. I think we should go on vacation to the Bahamas for a few days, you know, just get away and relax." And then once you're there you can let her go off with the other wives shopping or to the spa or pool or whatnot, and you can live it up with all the DHC folk. Everybody wins! I am telling you, this idea will go over way better than proposing that you make a little getaway to somewhere like Missouri (no offense, Missouri folks, it's just not as appealing).

Spin gentlemen, you have to work on the spin... :thumbsup:
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green head2 said:
The comments I made about reading the paper and understanding politics were more of Generalizing women as a group And in general not all but most women dont care about the things I mentioned about bussiness and politics and do only read the paper for the things I said Mabey she doesnt just look at those things
And there you have the definition of a back-handed apology! For someone who got so bowed up about global generalizations, you sure do know how to paint half the world population with a broad brush (and quite incorrect in this specific instance). Next time, rag on cat owners or something... wait, I'm one of those too, so nevermind.

Seriously, I appreciate you being big enough to apologize. You're right, it's hard to put inflection in an online post, and maybe you did mean for your comments to be taken as lightly as I did mine. In the future, that's what the smileys are for... use them!

:umm: :thumbsup:
Oh Lord, here we go again...

Clearly my jokes are only appreciated by Gahunter, Snafu, and a few select others. You came into this discussion a little too late. Unless you're joking too, in which case...

AlaskaRedneK said:
Well it sounds like I cam in just a lil too late for this one....... you guys gotsta tell me b'fore you start!!! :smile: :thumbsup:

I want in next time too :salude:

(only if i was in this one, I cudda had a GREAT time w/ it!!!!)
The best parts were edited out before your arrival... I'm surprised your tag team partner didn't notify you immediately!
frazier2209 said:
stouff. NE doesn't mean xtreme northeast like AK buddy.
BTW I think your the only frequent member that lives up thar
Especially since Alaska is in the NorthWEST region of the continent.

WHAT are they teaching y'all in school these days?!?!?!

:umm: :toofunny:
gahunter said:
Hey aren't you supposed to be working? :toofunny:
I might ask you the same question!!!
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