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What Chris is talking about the "plastic" he means the plastic collar. You use 3/16" 6061 Alum or Stainless steel stakes. You grommet the holes through the plastic neck collar in which the metal stakes go through it.

With ANY tyvek bodied wind sock using wood dowels---you really need to tape the top and bottom holes with white or brown duct tape so the tyvek in the long term will not rip (the high winds really can do a number on it otherwise).

Maybe later I'll post a how to of how I make my wind socks.

A totally agree with Chris on the quality asspect, do it right the first time is always best. Also the 50/50 mix is best in the MO, NE, SD, ND flyway. On the coasts--it is a lot different-mostly all white there. So replicate what the ratios are where you hunt.
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