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I have been hunting a lot locally here in NH and in MA. Haven't killed too many ducks but have been putting a whopping on the geese (did get 2 bands this year already though!).

I have a 21' Excel Stalker with a 150HP Zuke on it in optifade timber w/ a 2200 Beavertail blind. I used to hunt out of it very frequently when i lived in VA but i have yet to put it in the water here in NH/MA (other than fishing and drinking beer). I moved here and had a kid less about 6 months ago and didn't really get a chance to go explore any coastal waterways or big rivers. Was hoping someone would like to hunt out of my boat and chase some ducks with me?!?!

It hunts 4 comfortably, so i'd like to bring my father with me + you and a buddy. If you want to hunt 5, we can make that work too. I have a doggy door cut into it but i left my dog ladder in VA with my buddy and our river blind for his puppy. I am willing to travel pretty far to get this boat in the water and smash some ducks, i'm just cautious about hitting rivers and big bodies of water i'm not familiar with alone and for the first time in the dark.

DM me or reply here. Would love to share a few hunts and make some memories!
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