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Black lab

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I bought a black lab pup about 4 weeks ago and i had a question. I was wondering y he will retireve my hat and bring it to my hand but when i introduced him to a dummy he just sat there chewing on it. :help:
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I have heard about dogs that do this. They like retrieving things that have their handlers smell on them.
You say you picked him up 4 weeks ago. I am going to assume then that the dog is maybe 12 weeks old or so. If this is the case, then just don't worry about it yet. Also I think canvas bumpers are better for puppies because they are softer. Not sure what kind of bumpers you are using though.

Really need some more info on this one such as: age, what kind of bumpers, how you introduced the bumper.
I use canvas myself but he just kept chewing i tried duck and pheasant scent on each of them.
How old is your dog? Don't worry about scent on the dummies all that much. Just get the pup to retrieve things, He knows what a duck smells like, his mamma gave him that if he comes from even a descent pedigree.
I don't know if this will help or not but it kind of worked for me. My wife had the dog at school for a bout 8 months as a pup before I really got to chance to work with her. So she has some habbits that I am still working on. She's 4 now.

My lab had a very hard mouth and would often try to get away with being a little more "mouthy" with the bird than I would like. I used a small canvas dummy and placed inch long nails and made them protrude every direction I could think and feel of. When she found a weak spot I would place more nails. This has helped but she still tries to get a little mouthy with it. When I tell her don't chew she drops it before delivering to me.

I think I'm the one that needs the help now. Sorry for highjacking your thread.
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