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i used to hunt em with a pedersoli double blackpowder once in a while. just bought some shot #4's from a reloading supply place, some remington power piston wads, and some overshot cards from cabelas. 90 grains of powder underneath. i took a few ducks and a bunch of sharptail with it. i quit hunting with it cuz the timing is so different. the lock time is so slow, and the shot is slower, so ya really gotta lead em. it is friggin cool lookin down the two barrels, and out of the corner of your eye see the hammers fall on the primers as you are swinging, and a split second later-blap! the gun goes off. it is too tough to switch back and forth to new ammo and new guns tho, cuz of the lock time. if you stay with just the blackpowder, though, it can be a blast. i hunted one season with nothing but primitive arms-no cases shells,rifle or shotgun-and although i didnt get as much game, it definatley was a season to remember.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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