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Boat blind for big water Diver hunting

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Hello! I am new to duck hunting and really don’t have marshy options for hunting in my are (northwest Arkansas). My best option is hunting divers on a large, deep lake. Ive been wanting to create a boat blind, but I wonder if this would spook the ducks as the camo would look unnatural for the environment. I’ll post a picture of the type of area I’m hunting - just off of a gravel bank. Any thoughts? Would it just be better to make driftwood blinds and hunt from shore, or will the ducks not notice the strangely camouflaged boat ?
Thank you! I’m new, take it easy on me :)


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A buddy I hunt with bought a garden-variety green johnboat, to fill all his hunting and fishing needs, only being able to afford one boat. No additional paint or camo material was applied. He would set up only a hundred yards or so from the salt marsh bank, where I had my decoys set up, hunting from the bank and being much more hidden than he was. It's amazing how many more divers came into his spread than mine. I'm convinced the birds become shy of the shoreline rather than of blinds a bit into the season after being shot at some. I'm not saying every little bit of concealment doesn't improve your odds to a degree (I've made that same argument about camo shotguns) but it's just not the biggest factor. My best advice is to experiment and see what works for you. As in fishing, I think that's half the fun, rather than following so-called "expert" advice for the get-go.
I am in Alabama a just purchased a Polar Kraft Outlander OLV165SC. I am setting it up for fishing and hunting. I hade to go all the way to upper state Illinois to get a big water deep V. It took almost two years of looking. This has been an expensive project, but I am loving it so far. Hope I can afford/keep it.
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