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Boat Pics

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Just finished my summer project...14ft V hull...15 hp Nissan 4stroke...lots more work to be done before season

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looks like its going to be a great boat! me and a buddy are currently in the market for a cheap john boat but are having trouble finding one around PA. We dont even really need a motor, us being strapping young college kids and what not, were usually too hungover in the dark to want to listen to a motor anyways :cheers:
i got the call from my buddy today, we got one on borrow for a year from a buddy, our cost was we have to paint it. ive done alot of house painting, but never marine painting. as i understand theres some sort of self etching primer that has to go on first? i think its just a regular beat up green john boat from what i understand so any tips on painting would be greatly appreciated. whatever pattern is on your boat looks great, how do you go about doing it?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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