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Boat Pics

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Just finished my summer project...14ft V hull...15 hp Nissan 4stroke...lots more work to be done before season

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yea man, I may hunt the river and lake nox but hopefully I'll be huntin down in Jersey and Maryland a good bit...we should get up and hunt around Bucks as well as do some field hunting for honkers
the boat was originally white and I started off by sanding the whole thing with palm sanders and RO sander to lightly scuff (best to get to bare aluminum) the paint (if the boat is older make sure youre not dealing w led paint). I got the self etching primer from West Marine and applied it after I completely wiped down the work surface w/ alcohol and washed it with etching solvent. Then I shot a few coats of olive drab boat paint from Parker (i think) duck boat paint company. Once the base coat was dry I made a stencil out of thick, but flexible plastic and used tan and black camo paint to create the pattern. You def. need an air compressor and some type of spray gun ( I used an HVLP) to apply the etching primer and base coat but spray paint cans worked well to do the stenciling. Its alot of work to do it right, but I will defiantly pay off in the long run and you woulnt have to re-paint youre rig for a couple years.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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