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Bought Traps! Help with die please!!!

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Pretty much. When you boil the traps in soapy water, what you are trying to do is get the oil off the metal. Usually you'll see a sheen on top of the water and then I just over flow the pot (I'm doing this outside) and when the water is clear of rainbows I take the traps out to rust. Being close to the ocean up here, it doesn't take long to rust. In drier climates, maybe spray them with some white vinegar. The rust allows the dye to adhear to the trap. If you immediately try to dye the traps, they'll still be as shiny as the day you bought them, so let them rust. Rig them up with whatever chain is going to be on the traps and let that tust too. I use logwood crystals and them them boil for about an hour. After going into the dye, I DO NOT TOUCH THE TRAPS WITH BARE HANDS. Use scent free gloves and hang them in a tree until you're ready to lay some steal, especially trapping canines I never ever touch the traps with bare hands, bobcats wouldn't seem to mind and are a lot more forgiving. Good luck.
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He hit the nail on the head there. I've never used soapy water, just plain but I don't guess it matters soap will degrease faster. I just let the boil awhile, I don't change water or anything. Then throw them outside till they get a LIGHT coat of rust on them. Dye 'em then you're good to go. :thumbsup:
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