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Who likes to bowhunt for big game or any kind of game? :smile:
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My dream is a Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Wilderness moose hunt, does that count?
i just started bowhunting 2 years ago for deer...havent gotten one yet but i passed up a few last year because i just didnt like the shot. its going to be even tougher this year because they logged my main hunting lease :pissed:
That was very strong & wise of you to pass up deer because you did not have a good shot. I know people that will shoot a deer no matter what angle they are at & alot of the time they do not recover the deer. Keep at it & all the hard work will pay off. :thumbsup:
Sounds like my experiences easternshorehunter, good call. The land we hunt has been logged several different times over the last few years, both privately and because it is adjacent to state land (that is accessible to few others, lucky us) I don't know quite how it's going to go for next fall. Last year I had to pass on some shots (and miss on another :thumbsdown:) Good luck to you this fall!
I have been bowhunting since I was 15 (10 yrs) and have gotten about 12 deer with my bow. I bought a Mathews solocam last year and got 2 does with it. I absolutely love it. My brother and I are going to get a couple more 3-D targets and hopefully set us up a little course in the woods, :thumbsup:
Hey Gahunter we did that behind my house a couple of years ago. :thumbsup: It was alot of fun & it helps keep you ready for deer season. I have lost count how many deer I have shot with my bow in the past 15 yrs. I think about 30. I do know that I have shot 6 turkeys & 2 ***** with my bow. Both the ***** were in the trees and @ nite. I shoot a Reflex Solo Cam & love it. I would like to get a mathews in next couple of years. I bow hunt during the whole deer season so that gives my more chances shoot more deer with my bow.:smile:
I used to be a very avid bow hunter in my college days but now time is a pretty limiting factor. I have harvested Whitetail, black bear, elk and turkey with archery gear. I am practicing for trukey right now as start on Saturday.
I love bowhunting for deer. To me, it is much more exciting when you kill a deer with a bow because it is much more challenging. I shoot a Reflex bighorn and it is an okay bow. I think I'm gonna get either a mathews lx or a hoyt sometime this summer.
Bowhunter <----------------### HuntMQ1. Notice the screen name? I love my Mathews. Bowhunting has been my first passion, but this duck hunting thing has been biting on me pretty hard.
i have bow hunted in the past. hope to bow hunt again this fall.before duck season of course.
HuntMQ1 said:
Bowhunter <----------------### HuntMQ1. Notice the screen name? I love my Mathews. Bowhunting has been my first passion, but this duck hunting thing has been biting on me pretty hard.
you should combine the two and duck hunt with your bow :thumbsup:
I've heard of guys bow hunting geese

Last year was my first bow season for elk. I had a couple in range but couldn't find a clear lane for a shot and had to let down each time. I tried pronghorn too. Unless you have a great set up it is really hard.

I'm thinking about getting into bowfishing. Anyone ever done it?
I always wanted to get into bow hunting, but never did yet. It runs right in with duck and goose hunting though.
Our season in TN. starts the last weekend in sept. So we get to bow hunt before we do any duck hunting. I have tried to bowfish a couple of times but have yet to get a fish. They are so hard to hit when they are 2 ft. under water. The angle that you see the fish is not the right angle shot at them.
I've only shot targets so far. I don't feel comfortable enough with it yet to try to get an animal but I'm getting there.
I've bowhunted for about 8 years, started when I was eleven. I was a spoiled bowhunter after my first year, because I had three easy chances to kill a deer, two of which I screwed up by moving to much, but the third on I got.

It's a great sport, in the past years, I've gotten to where I can barely stand to rifle hunt anymore, because I love bowhunting so much. I also shoot a Mathews Ultra 2. Don't think I could shoot anything else anymore.
I haven't bow hunted but have shot several and own two compound bows. I plan on taking the bow hunters course and test this fall and do some hunting for White Tails before duck season as our bow season opens a week or two before duck season.
I've thought of bow hunting for some wood ducks that like to hang out under my main stand. A small creek runs under me at about 10 yards and I get MANY woodies swimming by every year.
Gsphunter I know what you mean in regards to your Mathews. Try shooting one of the new ones like the Outback or Switchback. One word, OUTSTANDING! I use a Mathews MQ1. It's older, 5 years, but some say still the best bow Mathews has ever put out. It's a great shooting bow.
aahhhh, bowhunting. now there is something i love even more than duck hunting. i know that sounds like blasphemy but it's just cause i get to do it a lot more often. i have been bowhunting for about 14 years (minus 2 years because of a shoulder surgery sometime back). i shoot a hoyt and wouldn't lower myself to even draw another kind of bow. :)smile: sorry matthews, pse, etc. fans...y'all just don't have it. LOL!) i am ordering the new XTEC by hoyt here shortly. it's a bit pricey but after shooting it, it's worth every penny. i have killed a couple of deer :smile: and hogs with a bow. our season here is from Aug 15 through Jan 1. NONSTOP! we have to have something to do while y'all are killing all the ducks!
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