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Hi All

What goes throgh the lowermainland of BC,ends up down the west coast---you should have fabulous hunting.More birds than in the last 15 years---lots of mallards and pintails--Widgeon to come yet.No northern Geese yet,but the tremendous number of locals fills the bill.

All the bird are very healthy and full growth due long summer up here.

For the northern Californians--in two weeks there should be an abundance of birds arriving!

Most hunters limited out on local geese--5 each day.

There you have it--good hunting.

UPDATE 25 OCT:The Geese are here with vengeance--more than we have had for many years.

The local duck population has dwindled--but the northern birds are arriving daily--See many geese by-passing the mainland area and heading south--should be a good opening in Washington and Oregon!!

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