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Brother-in-laws new dog

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Was out to my dads today and my brother-in-law has his new yellow lab female there. She is right at thirteen week's old. He has her sitting, and staying fairly good, but he get's so frustrated, she wont bring a ball back to him. So I grabbed the ball took her away from the kid's running around, got her excited about the ball threw it about 15 feet, she bolted out got it brought it right back to me, repeated this two more time's, and I quit, brother-in-law wanted me to keep going, I told him that's enough for now, try it again in a couple hour's. Always quit on a good note. I think he was expecting instant result's with fetching. I warned him not to burn her out on fetching, take your time, dont get frutrated, and she will come along. It doe'snt happen over night.
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:thumbsup: You gave great advice. I wish people would believe us when we tell them to slow down. I went way to fast with my dog at first. You know i wanted him doing triples and blinds at 4 months. My dog didn't really start getting what i was teaching until i slowed down and started teaching. On the retrieving. always quit before the dog is ready to. keep them wanting more. :thumbsup:
i agree, good job duckdog. not only did you say it, but you proved it and that carries a lot more weight than somebody just talking. :thumbsup:
Ya definitly dont overuse the pup. Ive got a 4 month yellow lab and my dad and i work her for small bits of time every day. Keep in consistant but not long dirations of time. Keep the dogs respect and shell be good. :thumbsup:
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