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BSA, Stoeger, or Mossberg O/U

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looking to buy a O/U for Dog training in a 410 or 28g. I have herd a lot of good stuff about the stoeger But has anyone seen or shot the BSA or the Mossberg O/Us Thanks
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I looked on Mossberg's website and see no mention of an O/U. As far as the BSA shotguns go. if the company doesn't even have a website I wouldn't buy from them. I found both the BSA shotguns and the Stoegers on I would stick w/ the Stoeger they are a reliable name that most people have heard of. I am probably gonna get one for my birthday ( July 17) :getdown:
I would go with the mossberg if they made one. Like Fraizer said I don't think that they make one. With a mossberg you can use for a padddle if need be. :smile:
Joel, ammo for a .410 or 28 can get pricey. You can use a starter pistol to get the pup used to gun fire. If you want to get him used to you carring a gun and marking falls then just use a plywood cutout.
when you said BSA did you meas SKB? I have seen SKB's before.
Mossberg makes O/U's, you just gotta look real hard to find em. You can get a cheap beater O/U instead of a mossberg and you'll be just as happy. That gold inlay is sucky for the extra money you pay when you could be getting a better looking gun for less like a baikal, but you are wanting a training gun so looks shouldn't matter.
I own a mossberg intl and it hass been a great gun i put it through hell and it still looks and preforms great. :thumbsup:
i just in the last month went out and got a stoeger o/u 12 ga and put 150 rounds through it the first day good gun for the money do you wont a field gun or a show gun when training your dog just shoot a starter gun you can handel the dog better starting out what do i know my to labs onley placed #1 in field & tryles and both are very good hunting dogs both seasoned hrc
Khan makes the o/u for Mossberg. I held it.(12ga) For $500.00 it is what it is
thanks guys i got a Franchi alcione classic looks good well made and they have a good history 12gage i can kill birds with this one thanks guys
I shoot a 20ga stoeger and just recently purchased a BSA 16ga classic sxs.
Now the stoeger works great and you won't find a better functioning gun for the price.
So far the BSA has shot perfectly, it's a big difference in price but I feel I got more than what I paid for. Beautiful gun.

The mossberg looks great on the website but in person I was let down,
a little rough around the edges.

You might want to check out some of the Charles Daly or Traditions,
we've had great luck with them the last few years.
Stoeger - Good guns, a little rough inside but backed by Benelli USA warranty.

BSA - about the same as the Stoeger, but I prefer Stoegers warranty

Mossberg - made in Turkey, have had lots of problem with the Khan's and one so far with mossbergs.

If it were me I'd go for the Stoeger because if something goes wrong you have a way to have it fixed reliably.
frazier2209 said:
since when did mossberg make O/U's? :help:

stoegers are good reliable guns.
I just bought my ,Stoager 12ga with 26" barrels last friday, just havent had the time to clean it so I can start shooting it!. Mabe this weekend? . Realy nice looking gun! :getdown:
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