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Getting ready to buy another dozen or so bumpers and just wanted your guys opinions on a brand, style, color, and good place to purchase.

The last doz. i purchased were from Mack's, 6 - 2" bl/wh 6 - 3" Wh. They haven't held up all that great, The hole where you run the rope through at the top of the bumper has broken off of about half of them. I think i will get a full doz. of the 2" blk/wh and 1/2 doz of the 3" wh. I don't like the orange one, because the dogs don't see them very well.

Any thoughts and/or opinions?
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What are you going to be doing with these bumpers?? If you are going to be just running marks then I would go with a 12 2" bk/wh and 12 3"white if monetary funds allow for that many. I like using the 3 inchers better because my dog has fewer drops and mouth problems with the 3 in plus they are easier to see on the ground for the dog. If you are going to be running blinds with the dog then you might want to consider 6 2 or 3" orange or yellow ones so that he has more trouble seeing them.

As far as brands I personally like Lucky Dog but Newmann and Bennett make great bumpers as well. Go to Lion Country Supply at they have a nice selection of bumpers available.

Just my .02 though
ACE I found a store on line and it is hard too beat there price on anything
I have about 5 places on line other than cabela's and bass pro type places. Gun dog supply is one of them. lcs supply was a new one. I just like to see where everyone else is getting their gear. Just want to make sure that i am getting the best deal possible, but also a quality product. The best deal i have found is the same thing bullet posted. basically buy a doz get one free.
They let you mix up colors for the same price, if that matters.
another vote for gundog supply. Great people who stand behind everything they sell.

I like the orange rubber ones......

They are easily contrasted against hard to see backgrounds.....for the pup, and the owner :thumbsup:

stouff, dogs can't see the orange ones, or anything else orange. They see white and black the best.

Yes, I agree. Dogs see in Grey scale.

But Orange contrasts better than most colors in hard to see areas...... It is the best all around color for contrasting (in greyscale)....... :salude:

Well, i can't argue with that , because i don't know. I have just heard other trainers say not to use them for marks, just on blinds or things of that nature. But what you say sounds good. I wish i could see the world through my dogs eyes just once, so that i could know what he is seeing.
I wish i could see the world through my dogs eyes just once, so that i could know what he is seeing.
You and me Bruthah! :salude:

If i could the first thing i would see would be this big fat idiot telling were to sit and stand and all kinds of other b.s. :yes:

:toofunny: :toofunny: :toofunny:

So would I..........I'd be like what the hell, does he think I am retarded or something, he talks like we speak different languages........

OH LOOK---Bacon Greese!!!


(We should start a new thread so people can post what They would do if they could look thru their dogs' eys....OH GOD, poor H20's dog :toofunny: )
your a mod, just move the last few posts over to a new thread!
I'd be sniffing me alot of ass, and licking my balls too :thumbsup:
Yeah, but that only works if you are a mod for that forum.... :oops:

All well, I'll start a new one tomarrow......unless you wanna start one tonight :thumbsup:

Just open up a new browser, and then you can go quote us, and copy past it into the new thread....

Just an idea.
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