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I noticed the latest production is slightly narrow compared to the same model ammo box by the same manufacturer that I bought about two years ago.

I used to be able to slide three boxes of 12 gauge shells into it with no problem. Now, the fit is really tight. More than snug. and it makes me worry about the safety of doing so, or that the shells might get damaged. Now, I am only able to fit two boxes by flipping them sideways.

the differences are sleight. The older boxes were made from a sligh;y grey colored plastic. The newer boxes are slightly green and maybe three or 4 millimeters narrower.

I am still able to fit three boxes of 20 gauge shells into the box with ease.

I noticed manufacturing tolerances to some HB products have slipped this year. ie. the grabber tool used to be reliable and cheap. This summer, I got one to pick up yard trash and noticed the parts did not quite fit. This caused the grabber claw to pop off or break. HB accepted the return, but the rest of the grabbers were also defective. This was in multiple stores between Virginia and NJ.
Went there this week and the grabbers are back to non-defective production. Also they were priced a buck higher now.
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