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Camo'd Cowling

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I had been throwing around the idea of camo clading my 50 Merc's cowling when I came across a deal I couldn't pass up. A local boat shop had a spare cowling for a 40 horse Merc sitting around in their shop and they cut me a great deal. I sanded it down, shot a couple coats of primer on it, base coated it brown and then used my bud's Reelfoot grass stencil. After the picture was taken I went back over it and misted it with green to tone it down a little. It's not the best camo job in the world, but it will save me from having to throw a decoy bag on it. It will blend in pretty well considering we hunt up next to dark mud banks that has dead grass on it it will work out just fine. :thumbsup:

I also got some great registration stickers from a buddy. :thumbsup:

Before and after:

Registration stickers:
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That looks great! :thumbsup: I'm lookin at getting a boat pretty soon, and I've been thinkin about a war eagle. That's a 17' isn't it? That's pretty much the boat I would want if I got one. I'd probly get a 40 instead of a 50 though. If you don't mind me asking, about how much did you give for yours?
quackkiller, yeah, it's a 754 LDV with dual gun/rod boxes. That's about all there is to it.

I paid $6,000 even for it all which I happen to think is a GREAT price considering the previous owner bought the extended warranty for the motor, the trailer is the beefier one that they use for their 18 foot boat, a boat storage slip at a local boat dealer and an Avery Quick-Set blind. It didn't come with a floor because the guy didn't want to pay War Eagle $1,000 for one. I'm meeting a guy today as a matter of fact to cut me one out of diamond tread and then I'll have Line-X put on it for a little over half of what War Eagle wanted.

Unless you can find a deal like I did I would guess you'll be in the $7,000 range.
One more thing... If you get the same model of boat (and you can afford it) go with the 50 horse. The 40 would push the boat just fine if you were fishing or just joy riding, but start packing in the decoys, shotguns, dogs, etc. you would probably want the extra 10 horses. My boat with do around 37 mph with just me in it. With 4 other people (which would be close to the hunting load I carry) it runs around 30 mph. With that said I normally hunt 2 or 3 people out of the boat, carry 10 doz. magnum weighted keel G&H's with 8 oz. mushroom weights, an 85 lb. lab, guns and the usual crap that everybody brings along.
You got a really good deal on that boat. The only reason I was considering the 40 is because I don't know if I could afford the 50. But if I can I'll definitely get it. Maybe I can come across a deal like that.
I never thought I'd come across a boat like that. As a matter of fact I wasn't even looking to sell my old 14 footer. I was at a local boat shop buying a gallon of oil when I ran into one of my dad's old friends. We talked about boats for a minute and then he mentioned he was selling his. I asked him how much and the rest is history. I had no intention of buying a new boat and selling mine. It's funny how when you least expect it something pops up. :thumbsup:

This is the one I sold for the new one. Talk about a HUUUUUGE upgrade. :yes: Ignore the spooners and the hens. It was a sloooow day. :laughing:

Good luck with finding a boat and let me know if you end up with a War Eagle. :thumbsup:
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ol' yeller said:
:yes: Ignore the spooners and the hens. It was a sloooow day. :laughing:

What are you peddling? :toofunny: You know that is your normal bag. :laughing:
I just can't get over you paying $6000 for that nice of a boat. :eek: I'll be a happy man if I can find one that cheap. There's a big War
Eagle dealer about 30 miles from here. I'm gonna go up there in a week or two and see what they've got. I wouldn't mind gettin a new one, but I don't know if I'll have that much $. I'm hopin they'll have a few used ones in real good shape that aren't so much. But then again, I've got til this fall to save up some more money. :yes:
JJ McGuire said:
What are you peddling? :toofunny: You know that is your normal bag. :laughing:
You know me too well! My name is yeller and I'm a hen killer. :laughing:

It was more of a disclaimer for h2ofwlr since he gets his panties in a twist whenever I post up pictures of dead hens. :laughing:

I do wish that was a normal bag for me though with the black bellied whistling duck. First one the game wardens have ever heard being shot this far north. One of them didn't even know what it was. He thought it was some kind of goose. I knew it was something strange when it came in and that it wasn't a pintail or canvasback (which were out of season) so I pulled the trigger on it. :laughing:

quackkiller, you'll find you a good deal if you look around for awhile in the classifieds. It'll probably be a better price than what you'll find at the dealer. My boat priced brand new was $9,400 to give you an idea, but that was a few years ago.
Nice Job!
Very nice, i just picked up my new hunting boat on tuesday cant wait to cut into it. and give it the krylon touch.. i will post picks when i am done
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